The major chess events you don’t want to miss

Organizing a chess event can be stressful, but it usually requires somewhat different procedures and solutions than the other sports events. Chess is a game with many faces. No, the same routine can get you to the win, which is appealing for people who are enjoying the diversity and the creativity. In this article, read about the major chess events this year – and don’t forget to prepare for the next year’s round of competitions around the world.

World Open

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The World Open is held in June and July of each year, and it brings some of the top players in the league to the table. The tournament is organized with the focus on connecting the players from around the world and giving them the opportunity to face some of the biggest names in the chess community.

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The tournament is divided into several sections, which are regulated by one’s category or age. The players can attend the games of the other players, which gives them an opportunity to learn about their style of play or latest innovations regarding the strategy and positions.

North American Open

Another great opportunity to get in touch with the latest trends in the chess community is North American Open. The tournament is played toward the end of the year and brings together several categories of players. On this match, you’ll see the top senior as well as junior players, but the real treat is doubled.
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Philadelphia Open

Philadelphia Open is an event where you’ll meet highly profiled players among different categories. The dynamics of the tournament is a little different that with the rest of the other activities since there are a greater number of players. The players are divided into some categories, which suits their current range in the chess community.