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International FIDE Trainers’ Seminars in Moscow (Russia), January - February 2011

The first FIDE Trainers’ Seminars for the Russian speaking trainers were held from 28 January to 13th February 2011 in Moscow. ts look quite strange but such kind of the FIDE Seminars were never held in Russia. And it is very symbolical that the venue for the first time holding of these seminars had become the Chess Chair of RSUPESY&T in Russia, Russian State University of Physical Education, Sport, Youth and Tourism (RSUPESY&T, situated in Moscow, a biggest one in Russia and Europe).  Chess Chair of RSUPESY&T exists since 1966, among its graduates there are  hundreds well-known coach as well as  famous GMs like E.Bareev, A.Grishuk,A.Kosteniuk, A.Morozevich.

19 coaches from nine countries participated: Russia, Belarus, England, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Turkmenistan, USA, Uzbekistan, Vietnam.  And the students of the RSUPESY&T Chess Chair had taken part in the Seminars. Lecturers/Seminar Leaders FT & WGM Artur Jussupow and your reporter – FST & GM Igor Glek  are very pleased with the enthusiasm of all the participants. It was a high-level seminar with highly-qualified participants, among whom three Grand Masters, seven International Masters and two FIDE Masters. Many of them are experienced and honoured teachers and trainers. The first experience of holding such kind of Seminars here in Russia was successful. Although in Russia there is its own national system of trainers’ qualification the majority of leading national coaches are supporting the new international system of trainers’ titles established by FIDE Trainers Commission. All the participants have got the TRG publication “FIDE Trainers’ Commission Chess Syllabus”. All the participants were very satisfied and excited. The results of the final examinations were pretty good. Within the framework of the seminar, in addition, there was a All-Russian conference on the study: “Actual questions of the development of Chess and other Mind Games in Russia” and also FIDE arbiters Seminar as well as playing in the classical and rapid chess tournaments.

Seminar Photo Gallery Slideshow: https://picasaweb.google.com/reprenda/InternationalFIDETrainersSeminarsJanuary29thFebruary2nd2011AndFebruary9th13th2011#

More details on www.chess-events.org/en_US/coaches_seminars.html

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