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The 19th Voronezh International Chess Festival 2015 is currently in progress at the Voronezh Chess Club, in Voronezh, Russian Federation.

Igor Glek is a Russian chess Grandmaster who now competes for Germany. As well as this, he is a chess theorist, a coach, the President of the World League of Chess Tournaments and a co-founder of the ACP.

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Happy New Year! We wish You all the best in 2015!

1.In January we start new series of tournaments - with the norm of international master, rating, for children.

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Moscow Team Championship will be held from September 27th  till October 11th 2014  at the MCCO RSSU: Moscow, Begovaya street 12. Eleven teams from Moscow will take part in the championship, including the team"Moscow International Chess Academy of Grandmaster Igor Glek".

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From 6th till 20th of July 2014 the Chess Festival devoted to the seventieth anniversary of confederates' landing in Normandy will be held at hospitable house of State public research library of Russia  (Russia, Moscow, Kuzhetsky most 12) and Chess club of Sokolniki park.

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Igor Glek will take part in the congress if the intelligentsia "Against War, Against Self-Isolation of Russia, Against Restoration of  Totalitarian Regime", which will be held on March 19th 3 p.m. at Foregn Literature Library, situated: Moscow, Nikoloyamskaya street 1, left wing of the building.

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The 12th Sagaalgan Chess Festival 2014 took place from 28th February to 2nd March at the Buddhist University "Dashi Choynhorlin" in Ivolga Datsan, near Ulan-Ude in the Russian Republic of Buryatia.

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Congratulations to our great friend GM/FT Annageldyev Orazly with his win of the elections as a President of Turkmenian Chess Federation!

Igor Glek has won a ticket to the final competionf of the Moscow blitz championship through his winning in the fifth semifinal of the championship which was held at Sokolniki Park chess club on Sunday. He has started with ten victories one after another with the only draw in the last round and finished with 10.5 points.

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Leaving behind three Grandmasters the world champion among schoolgirls Russian Irina Drogovoz had become the winner of the International Rapid Chess Tournament in Savona (Liguria, Italy), which had been held at the same time as annual masterclass of Igor Glek.

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The simul of the 12th World Chess Champion Anatoly Karpov + blitz tournament in reborn chess club in Sokolniki Park.

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Chess Federation of East Moscow by support of the Russian State Sport University invites to the Year 2013 Chess Events: tournaments, summers camps, stages, master-classes, seminars, travel to the chess festival etc., for everybody!

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(Tunisia, from 19th to 31st July 2013), devoted to  the 70-years anniversary of the 11-th World Champion.

In the program: chess tournaments, master-classes, scientific conference, different shows, wide-ranging excursion program. You can find information on Facebookwww.facebook.com/Boby.Fischer.Memorial   or on the web-site: www.chess-events.org/en_US/international-chess-festival-fischer-memorial.html 

(Russian site: www.chess-events.org/ru_RU/mezhdunarodnyj-shahmatnyj-festival-memorial-fishera.html)

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Irina Drogovoz  - the  participant of GM Igor Glek master-class in Italy – has become the champion of the World Chess School Championships among school girls under 15 with the amazing result 8 of 9 and has left behind her competitors with extra 1.5 point!

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FIDE Trainers Seminar - Albena (Bulgaria, Black See's resort), June 6-8 2013.  The Seminar’s main lecturer – Grandmaster & FIDE Senior Trainer IGOR GLEK.

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On April 9th 2013 in the Sandunovsky bath-house the first in the history of Martini gentleman's drink— Martini Spirito - was presented.

On November, 23rd the teleconference devoted to the subject: "Educational, psychological and social aspects of a digitalization of intellectual games" with the international participation will be held at 5pm Moscow time (GMT + 4.00) in the Internet by the link: http://ds.sportedu.ru/k2012 (on the basis of the Adobe Connect platform, for all comers the webcam is needed).

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the Summer 2012 Chess Events: tournaments, summer stages, master-classes, seminars, travel to the chess festival etc., for everybody!

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An Herrn GM-IA Yury Averbach


of the Мind Sport and Games representatives approved by the Second theoretical & practical conference “Actual problems of the chess and mind games progress in Russia”

The Second Theoretical and practical conference “Pressing problems of the chess and mind games progress in Russia” was held in RSUPESY&T (www.sportedu.ru)  on December the 14th. Among the participants there were heads of the mind sports all-Russian and regional federations (chess, draughts, go,  sports bridge, shogi, cybersport, “What?Where?When?”, etc.), experts of sports, education, science, specialized in mind and sports logical games. Discussions were devoted to the actual problems of “mind games”, trends and prospects of development.


The main goal of the visit was the training course for the men and women teams of the coutry before the All-African Sport Games which will be held in Mozambique


The training course for the members of the Olimpic and Youth Turkmenistan National Team  was held in the RSUPESY&T.

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